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‘Pioneering moment’, CM says at crypto stamp event

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  • ‘Pioneering moment’, CM says at crypto stamp event

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About this event: 

18th June 2021

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, Digital and Financial Services Minister Albert Isola and Tourism and Postal Minister Vijay Daryanani, were each presented with a special commemorative Gibraltar Crypto Stamp pack this week from the Gibraltar Genesis Collection. 

At the opening of the NFT Images Exhibition on Wednesday at the John Mackintosh Hall with the Crypto Postage Stamp images on display, Coinsilium Chairman Malcolm Palle declared the Gibraltar Cryptocurrency postage stamp a world first which linked this commemorative postage stamp to the soon to be launched ‘Gibraltar Genesis Collection’ of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. 

Gibraltar has issued a limited edition 2021 commemorative ‘Cryptocurrency’ postage stamp dedicated to this revolutionary new technology which is tied to a collection of blockchain based Digital Collectibles. 

At the opening, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo described this as a pioneering moment for Gibraltar and for the world. Highlighting Gibraltar’s rich history in philately and as a pioneer in the area of blockchain and NFT, Mr Picardo said he hoped this first issue would become the “Penny Black of NFTs in the philatelic non-fungible world of the future.” 

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