Startup Grind Summer Party

Picture the scene. It’s a balmy July evening in the Mediterranean. You find yourself in a marina. The gentle sound of water lapping at the boats and yachts moored all around you. Animated conversation fills the air, punctuated by the clink of ice cubes as they rattle around inside people’s drinks. The summer is just getting started. And you’re already celebrating. Because it’s been an eventful and rewarding first half of the year. And you want to share your successes, as well as everyone else’s. That’s why you find yourself at the Startup Grind Summer Party. 

To mark the end of a productive first six months of 2019, One Media & Events hosted the Startup Grind Summer Party in the cool shade of the Dusk Nightclub Terrace, in Ocean Village, Gibraltar. Gathering professionals from local legal and financial services providers as well as startup founders and other corporate entities, the Startup Grind Summer Party was a chance for people to chat, network, and celebrate their accomplishments in the first half of the year. 

Attendees shared refreshing drinks, canapées, and fresh fruit dipped in liquid chocolate as they reflected on the year so far. Many looked forward to well-deserved holiday breaks, whilst others were already planning ahead for the next six months and beyond.

As usual, it was an informal gathering of local business people and entrepreneurs in a very relaxed atmosphere. Low-slung benches decorated with plush, patterned cushions made for comfortable conversation. 

In addition to the friendly discussions and exchanges happening across the terrace, the main feature of the event was the big Summer Party raffle, aiming to raise money in support of Cancer Relief. Ticket sales at the event, combined with proceeds from the World Trade Center Golf Tournament, amounted to a final total close to £1500. Attendees gathered in excited anticipation of the prizes — provided by Sunborn Yacht Hotel, A.M. Capurro, and Essardas Luxury — as Minister for Equality, Samantha Sacramento, chose the winning raffle tickets. Mariela Gancheva of the World Trade Center was also in attendance to present a cheque for the money raised to representatives from Cancer Relief.

These half-yearly parties punctuate the Startup Grind calendar, offering alternatives to the monthly Fireside chats. Always well-received, the Summer Party is a great way to sign-off the first half of the year as the heat of July and August give way to a more vibrant social scene and a different style of event.

Now, we look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for Startup Grind.