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When Do You Need PR & Communications Services?

How does anyone ever know what’s happening? Word-of-mouth can be a wonderful, genuine, personal, even intimate method for promoting your business and events. But if you really want to make an impact, you’re going to need good PR & Communications Services to make sure everyone knows the details. After all, you want people to attend your event, promote it to their network, and eulogise about it afterwards.

A good PR plan ensures your event and your business are seen and recognised by the people that matter. Informing media outlets and gaining press coverage in advance of the event are critical elements for a sell-out success. Equally important are clear communications before, during, and after the event. This not only ensures its smooth running, but it keeps the conversation going throughout and raises your brand’s profile.

Our PR & Communications Services give you access to a network of influential people to help promote your brand and event.

Be seen. Be heard. Be remembered. Get people talking about your business and your event with a complete and bespoke PR & Communications Services package.

What Do PR & Communications Services Involve?

It depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Do you want to increase ticket sales for your event? Are you interested in press coverage? Is improved brand awareness what you’re after? Or are you intent on building your network and following up with attendees post-event? Whatever outcome, we can design a PR and communications strategy to suit your needs.

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Our PR and communications services include:

  • Pre-event promotion
  • Media distribution and outreach
  • Press release creation
  • Pre- and Post-event communications

Timely and effective promotion, public relations, and communications can not only secure the success of an event but the ongoing growth and development of your business. One Media & Events will ensure all PR & Communications Services are executed in a way that maximises exposure, increases engagement, and drives results.

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